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Torture Against Indigenous Papuan Civilian Population on Papua Land

Wamena, Olemah.Com - A video depicting torture circulated within WhatsApp groups in Papua, showing an Indigenous Papuan civilian subjected to severe abuse. The victim is believed to have been tortured by the Indonesian National Army (TNI). The victim was confined in a blue-striped container, filled with water.

The victim was brutally beaten and tortured by TNI personnel alternately until the victim's body was severely injured, including being slashed with a knife. The water in the blue-striped container turned red due to the victim's blood. The victim was also subjected to verbal abuse while being attacked.

"Is it enjoyable?" one of the perpetrators asked while stabbing the victim with a knife. Additionally, the victim was repeatedly struck by TNI personnel while being insulted with degrading remarks.

At one point, another member arrived and instructed others to take turns in the torture, stating, "Wait for the turn," indicating a systematic and coordinated assault.

On March 22, 2024, Mr. Theo in Wamena raised concerns about the circulation of the torture video without clear identification of the victim or the location of the incident. However, it is evident that the victim is an Indigenous Papuan.

As a human rights defender and Executive Director of the Papua Justice and Integrity Foundation, Theo Hesegem urges all parties, especially the TNI, to promptly clarify the video of the torture. He emphasizes the need for perpetrators of such heinous acts to be swiftly prosecuted according to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

This incident has sparked condemnation from various sectors, raising questions about the protection of human rights in Papua. Civil society and human rights monitoring organizations stress the importance of concrete actions to prevent such violence from recurring in the future.(Malik)

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